"Most Dentists get their degree and never keep up with new and better methods.  I had no less than 5 other dentists tell me that I would always have pain with my teeth and there was nothing they could do.  Dr. Tart replaced all of the fillings that were leaking into the teeth and roots, crowned the cracked teeth, and for the first time in 10 years, I could eat hot or cold without any pain.  They always have the latest technology in the office and really take the time to explain things.  I strongly recommend this practice to anyone-The staff is wonderful and seem genuinly happy to work there.  Thank you Dr. Tart and staff!"
- Clayton B. 
"The Thanksgiving basket we won was fantastic!  The whole family liked it and say thank you too!  I enjoyed the feeling of being a winner!"
- Linda B. 
"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the thrill of being selected as the recipients of the two night stay at the Inn on Biltmore Estate!  How amazing for some foks who, ‘never seem to win anything’  We are so excited and are making plans to go there this Spring.  Thank you all so much for this opportunity and your ongoing kindness.  Warmest Regards"
- Christine and John M.
"Another pleasant visit to the dentist!  Excellent teeth cleaning!  All the staff are very friendly and accommodating!"
- Joan R. 10/19/15
"Let me begin by this confession: facing any serious dental procedure, I revert.  I tend to become a scared little boy.  I suspect I am not alone in this.  But it did not take Dr. Tart and the professional staff long to put all my fears to rest, and to calm my anxieties.  The practice clearly works to welcome and to reassure patients.  And they succeed admirably.  From the first contact with the administrative staff in the reception, to the dental assistants, to the dentists themselves.  Not to mention all the attention to detail- the aesthetics, the music, all calculated not only to provide the patient with state of the art dental care, but also help the patient relax and feel comfortable.  Kudos!  

Dr. Tart and her assistant, Brenda (sorry, Brenda, I didn’t get your family name) were professional, competent, but also warm, approachable, attentive, and exquisitely skillful in all they did.  They took the time, again and again, to explain every detail of the procedure, and were ready to answer qeustions.  Most impressively, they seamlessly worked as a team.  It was evident that Dr. Tart could rely on Brenda, who seemed at every point to anticipate what she had to do, where she needed to be, to assist Dr. Tart, and to see to my safety and comfort.  And all this so naturally, without any fuss.  As should be obvious from the above, I enthusiastically recommend the Rich, Smitth & Tart dental practice."

- Father Gerald B. 9/23/15
"I would like to express my feelings reguarding Rich, Smith, & Tart whom have been treating my family for the past 25 years.  This is the most professional practice I have dealt with in my whole life.  The staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  I have never had a bad experience at this practice and will continue my care here.  All of the dentists and hygienist are always happy and have a smile on their face."
- Anthony D. 9/9/15
"Heather, Crystal, and Dr.Tart are amazing!  I dreaded my wisdom tooth extraction for 2 years.  I finally agreed to just do it.  It was a pain free procedure and an amazing feat for someone who has a dental phobia.  Thanks Ladies – good experience!"
- Penny W. 8/18/15
"Love the patio area! You are all wonderful.  Thank you for the smoothies when I get them."
- Kathy H. 8/10/15 

"I’ve always been afraid of the dentist, that is until I became a patient here.  Everyone is super friendly and it’s just amazing the joy you get from being at the dentist lol.  Dr. Tart is a phenomenal woman, she makes sure that you have a full understanding of any dental issues you may be having.  If you’re anything like me and you have anxiety about the dentist then this is definitely the place for you!"
- Shay G. 6/30/15 

"I had my teeth cleaned yesterday, as I always do twice a year by Anne.  She seems like a family member and we know so much about each other.  I have a long history here, I was so afraid of the dentist and they have made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  In my wildest dreams I never thought I would say this.  Come by and give them a try.  Best dental office and staff in Raleigh."
- Libby W. 6/24/15 

"I look forward to coming to the dentist when I have Anne as my hygienist.  My teeth always feel clean and my teeth are much whiter.  She is always professional and makes me feel comfortable.  She is an asset to your practice."
- Kimberly B. 6/11/15 

"There’s no better place to go to have your teeth worked on.  I have faith in Dr.Rich and Kerri.  Every time I come, I know I will get exceptional care.  I’ve been coming here for many years and I plan to make it many more years to come."
- Susan D. 6/4/15 

"Fabulous! I love coming here.  Kerri is the BEST!  She is so gentle and understands me even with my mouth open.  Dr. Rich has been my dentist for 15 years and I love him."
- Laurel W. 5/29/15 

"I went from one dentist to another with horrible pain during cleanings.  Dr. Tart fixed my teeth and now I have no pain during cleanings.  I can tell they keep current on all the newest treatment methods.  They are informative and treat clients like family.  I highly recommend them. "
- Clayton B. 5/27/15 

"Anne has been my hygienist for at least the last 10 years.  She listens carefully to any concerns I have about my teeth and conveys them accurately to the dentist making sure each one is addressed.  When I leave I know I have received the best care and without a doubt the best cleaning possible."
- Patricia W. 5/11/15 

"Over the past 3 months, I had 4 teeth pulled and now have a permanent bridge.  Dr. Rich and his assistant Allie were competent, professional and compassionate to my fears.  I want to thank them both and I highly recommend their services. "
- Sandra P. 12/1/14
"We have been coming here since 1996.  Good service and care by Dr. Smith and everyone there.  Many thanks!"
- Billy and Ann B.  11/10/14
"Whenever I come to the dentist it is always a nice relaxing environment.  The staff is very nice and the service is excellent."
- Voris M.  11/10/14
"I would just like to tell you how much my “night guard” has helped me.  Since wearing it I don’t wake up wth a headache or a stiff neck.  I wish I would have done this long before I did."
- Ginger S. 11/4/14
"My long time relationship with this outstanding practice goes back 30 + years.  I’m one of those people who loves getting my teeth cleaned and going to the dentist has never been an issue.  Merrilee and Dr.Smith are considered “friends.”  We have shared “growing up,” and my whole family feels confident in their knowledgeable hands.  When my daughter moved to Atlanta, it took her years to find a practice and insisted on coming back to see Dr.Rich and Merrilee.  I am grateful for the great care we have all received."
- Lynne F. 10/27/14
"Dr. Rich, Dr.Smith, and Dr. Tart have been taking care of my pearly whites for all 25 years of my life.  I always love coming to visit and receiving such quality care.  Thank you to the entire staff for their wonderful hard work!"
- Katy S. 10/22/14
"My visit today was great.  I always look forward to seeing Anne.  I have been a patient here for 30 years and this practice takes care of my family.  The hygienists and dentists are extremely professional and thorough.  Going to the dentist is not my favorite place to go, but the experience at this office is the best it can be!"
- Melissa S. 10/8/14
"Our service was excellent today as always!!  Dr. Tart and all the girls are special to us.  We drive 2 hours one way because we have never found any medical service company that can compare.  We love all of you and appreciate what you do!  We actually have fun going to the dentist!"
- Bruce T. 9/15/14
"It is always a great experience when you get more than you expect. Anne has great attention to detail and seemed to take the extra time to make me very comfortable while giving me the very best teeth cleaning I have ever received!"
- Kirt S. 3/24/14
"It was as enjoyable as could be and Dr. Tart and Melissa did a great job on the root canal. Not any pain while working on me!. Time went fast and easy. Great Job!"
- Sharon S. 3/18/14
"Dr. Rich, I was very pleased with your painless and efficient dentistry during the 10 years I was under your care. During that time you put in some crowns, replaced fillings and did some cosmetic dentistry-closing the gap in between my two front teeth so that I now have a perfect smile! I can certainly say you were my friend as well as my dentist."
- Linda B. 3/9/14
"I have been a patient of Dr. Tart since 2011 when she saved my teeth! Thanks to her wonderful gift, I was able to get all the dental work I needed. Since then, I have come in naturally and been able to maintain her work. She is such a great part of the Carolina Ballet team giving us shining smiles on stage! Thank you Dr. Tart!elicetart"
- Joan M. 2/22/14
"Great dental practice. My husband and I found this practice 7 years ago and would highly recommend them to anyone. I see Dr. Tart and went through Invisalign with her. Always a great experience. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. My husband sees Dr. Rich and has always been happy with the experience. Love their dental hygienists too! Everyone is very professional and friendly."
- Luana D. 1/30/14
"I never mind going to have my teeth cleaned because it is always a positive experience. Anne is very thorough, but she is also careful and gentle. I never experience pain or discomfort when having my teeth cleaned by Anne. When she is finished cleaning, my teeth are sparkly, white and beautiful!"
- Cindy L. 1/29/14
"We have been patients for many years and have never had a bad experience. The staff is friendly and willing to help in any way they can. Dr. Tart explains any needed procedures thoroughly and patiently answers all questions. I recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a new dental practice! They care and are not ashamed (or afraid) to show it!"
- Deb N. 1/23/14
"We moved to the Raleigh area in 1996 and needed a dentist. Dr. Rich was recommended to us. We have recommended him to everyone ever since! He is the best dentist! He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. He sees every patient as an individual and treats them with the utmost dedication and expertise. My smile is the result of Dr. Rich’s hard work. We have been lucky as a family to have found the best dentist Raleigh has to offer!"
- Terry I. 11/12/13
"Amy is an outstanding hygienist! She always makes me feel comfortable and free of stress. I look forward to seeing her smiling face when I visit for my cleanings!"
- Kathleen S.  8/30/13
"Rich, Smith & Tart General Dentistry is always extremely accommodating to my busy schedule and fitting in my appointments!"
- Valerie W.  7/15/13
"I have been a patient of this dental practice for 35 years, including 20 years after I moved 60 miles from Raleigh. During that period I have had 7 implants, two by Dr. Rich, and multiple dentures. All of the impressions, implants, and follow-up have been very professional. I have recommended several of my new neighbors to Dr. Rich and this practice, and they have also become patients."
- Randall. H.  6/26/13
"In 2010, I had dental implants to replace my lower dentures. Prior to the procedure it was explained to me clearly and in detail. After the implants were done, Dr. Rich kept in touch with me for the next few days to make sure i was doing ok and free of pain. All the follow-up work was done with care and ease and always very professionally. I wish I had done this years before. I am extremely happy with the implants and recommend Dr. Rich highly for implants and all dental procedures. Ita was a great experience!"
- MaryLou D.  6/22/13
"I moved back to Raleigh and returned to Rich, Smith & Tart because they were my childhood dentists. Dr. Tart replaced my old crown with a perfect fit on her first attempt. Brenda was a pro with the perfect mold too. You are in good hands here, the latest technology and the nicest folks!"
- Beth T.  6/3/13
"Gabe Rich has been incredible in bringing back my smile. His entire staff is both professional and caring. Collectively, they have taken any fear of dental work away!"
- Jeffrey H.  5/31/13
"I can’t say enough about the services at Drs. Rich, Smith & Tart. From the most simple visits for regular check-ups to the most complicated procedures like implants (which I’m going through now), the service is tops all around and the staff is always a pleasure to work with!"
- Joe A.  5/24/13
"Love, Love, Love my dentist! He’s great, fast, entertaining! I never dread coming to the dentist!"
- Pamela H.  5/24/13
"My dental visit was great! Dr. Smith is always very pleasant and makes you feel more than just a patient. He tells you what he is doing and is concerned about if you are comfortable. “Best Dentist in Raleigh!” He has done a very good job with my problem teeth for many years."
- Peggy C.  5/21/13
"Dr. Smith and his staff are always informative and caring. I appreciate most that he is a craftsman and always strives to make my teeth look natural and healthy. The whole office is friendly which is why we have been coming here for 18 years!"
- Gina B.  5/21/13
"My family has been seeing all the doctors for the last 15 years. We love this practice and have had perfect results. We love Amy the hygienist that cleans all our teeth. I have had crowns and even 2 root canals – perfect results!!"
- Marcia M.  5/2/13
"Terrific visit as always.  Dr. Smith and staff always make you feel comfortable and relaxed and they always keep you well informed as to all steps of the procedures you’re having.  Awesome dentist and staff!"
- Pedro Z.   4/23/13
"Drs. Rich, Smith and Tart always have kind staff, hygienists and doctors.  Going to the dentist here is never a bad experience!"
- Charlotte D.   2/16/13
"Dr. Tart is very gentle and tells you exactly what she is doing.  She and her assistants made my experience painless!"
- Melissa S.  2/5/13
"Good experience today.  Crown procedure was quick and painless.  Entire staff was friendly and provided good support to Dr. Smith."
- Jane G.  2/5/13